Because no spirtitual path is sanitary………


I had hoped to have this story written and posted in time for National Tequila Day but time got away from me and I forgot all about it. Then, in the course of renewing one of the several permits I am required to have in order to work security jobs, I had the opportunity to visit with one of our local sheriff’s deputies.  In the course of our discussion he asked me to remind him if I had ever been to jail or prison.  It pained me to admit it but I did in fact serve a single, yet very long night, in a city jail.  A drunk tank to be more specific. Then this story, one of the very few tequila tales which I am capable of remembering, had to be told.

The deputy I was assigned to shared his office with a partner and both deputies stopped what they were doing to listen to my tale of woe.

“So you have been arrested before, eh?” my deputy inquired with a slight grin on his face.

“Yes” I answered

Of course his next question was, “What for?”

“I was arrested by Dallas Police for public intoxication in a bar.” I answered.

“In a bar?” the partner hollered out while laughing.

“Yes, public intoxication in a bar” I answered.

The deputy’s partner, still laughing, said “ Wait, let me guess.  You got sauced and insulted someone’s girlfriend and there was a fight. Right?  Is that it?”

My deputy raised his hand to his partner and said “Whoa, I gotta hear this.  Let the man tell his story.”

It was 1979 and I had been married all of two weeks.  My newlywed bride was working night shifts at a car rental place. I was working days as a plumber’s apprentice doing new residential construction.  After my wife had gone to work I got cleaned up and decided to go down to Mother Blues, a well known club at that time on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas.  They had cold beer, pretty girls and live music. And tequila.


I was sitting at the bar pretty much keeping to myself, drinking beer interspersed with frequent shots of Jose Cuervo Gold. Johnny Nitzinger was wailing on his guitar.

While I was scanning the room looking at all the ladies I noticed two of Dallas PD’s finest walk through the door.  This is unusual, I thought to myself, but kept leering at the ladies and downing tequila.  The officer in the lead stood tall and evidently worked out.  He had a look of disgust on his face as he moved slowly through the crowded dance floor with his chest puffed out like a fighting rooster.  They eventually made their way toward the bar and as they got closer Jose Cuervo possessed me.I  hopped down off my stool and squared off with the lead cop chest to chest, stopping him in his path.  Then I raised my right hand and with a rigid index finger I poked the officers badge repeatedly and said inexplicably, “You look pretty fucking cool.  Who are ya’ll looking for?”

Without hesitation he announced, “We’re looking for you.”  and wheeled me around and cuffed me in one fluid motion.

I thought both deputies were going to fall out of their chairs they were laughing so hard.

But the following morning back in 79 my wife was not amused one bit when she bailed me out of jail. She vowed it would be the one and only time she would ever do so and it was.

But it would be another ten years from that night in Mother Blues until I finally quit drinking. I have not touched a drop since June 20,1989.

I have not poked a cop’s badge since that summer of 1979.

One day at a time.

Vaya con Dios Jose Cuervo and good riddance……

Dry-20-89 copyright © 2015 Stephen Paul Ellington  All rights reserved

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  1. Mark. 559

    Another great story😈😈😎

    Thanks Mark

    August 3, 2015 at 9:56 pm

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